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First Batch of ISKA Singapore Officials

We are the first in Singapore!

After being appointed as the National Director of ISKA Singapore on January 1st 2022 by the ISKA Southeast Asia representative Mr Khoo Meng Yang and approved by the ISKA president himself Mr Cory Schafer, Mustafa Kamal aka Coach Mus(@cmmuaythai) knew that this will be a tough journey and has to form a team from scratch.

Having said that, the first batch of Referee & Jury Certification Workshop was held to spread the awareness of ISKA in Singapore, and to build a team of certified and qualified officials. The participants consist of individuals who have been in the muay thai industry for a reasonable period of time as fighters, gym owners, trainers, and also enthusiasts. These individuals went through a very organised and systematic Referee & Judge Certification Workshop where they have to sit through theory and practical lessons on how to be a professional official for a muay thai and kickboxing event.

Congratulations to all newly certified officials of ISKA Singapore:

Radeem Rahman

Djohan Arifin

Affandy Syafiq

Muhammad Reezuan Bin Rabu

Mubinul Haq Bin Hashim

Maarkus Ong

Nigel Tan Yan Zhong

Seth Kwok Kei Fong

Prabhu s/o Saragasan

Syed Muhamad Alatas

Mohamad Izzat Mohamad Rashid

Jared Liu

Christian Anseaume

Asraf Bin Asuir

ISKA Singapore look forward to sanction muay thai and kickboxing events locally.

For event sanctioning, please email us.

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